Having operated as Angling With Shaun here most are unaware of my name. Was born in Aldershot, Hampshire in 1968 by the name of Shaun Luke Monument, fostered at an early age to become known as Shaun May, later changing name to Shaun Luke Monument-May. Wasn’t until a chance encounter getting to meet and play with Mark Feltham of Nine Below Zero dropped my surname as according to Mark was to long winded to pronounce and introduce on stage. Since been known in the music business and social media circles as Shaun Luke.
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Rarely perform these days due to tinnitus, constant ringing in the ears

Welcome to my Fishing Travel Blog Facebook Page. An All Round Angler, who loves all aspects of fishing, Coarse, Sea, Game, Predator, Match Fishing. Been fishing since the age of 6 years, over 46 years. Started this page as a means to share love of angling to give something back to the future of angling. Up to the point of starting this page, didn’t take a single picture of any past angling days out, or if did don’t have any to share. Shame really that’s just the way it was before mobiles. Didn’t own a camera so left with just the memories. Back then went purely for the love of fishing whether you caught or not. Also enjoyed the competitive side of angling winning first Junior match at just 8 years old, going on to beat the adults from 9 years old. Have my Dad to thank for those years. Still kick myself wishing had persuade match fishing, however leaving school, having to earn a living, later joining the army soon put an abrupt end to match angling. Still fish the odd match now and again nothing on a level as a boy and young man.

14 yrs beating the adults most weekends came unstuck following season unable to get a lift

14 years old won virtually every match fished, however the following season became impossible to get a lift to matches on a regular basis the adults didn’t want to pick up anymore annoyed being beaten by a kid, told car was full finding out later plenty of space to pick up and come along. Learnt quick the hard way. Sadly as Dad was disabled had little chance of getting anywhere far other than local waters. My match days where over sooner than later. After joining the army, fishing was reduced to the occasional session and no longer fished matches for many years. Wasn't until many years later started match fishing and winning club matches again, still enter the rare open match.

One of several features in the national angling press Anglers Mail 14 May 19

Later in life became very ill rarely talk about it now, however having been struck down with COPD ending up in hospital on a regular basis, almost dying thankful to still be here. After a number of years playing harmonica health vastly improved going onto play at festivals, then started getting tinnitus, constant ringing in the ears everyday, which still experience, was forced to give up music career early. At this stage set about fishing far more to pass the time of day to the point became an obsession. Due to health started to challenge myself creating Bucket Lists, first being my crazy London Mission to Catch A Fish From All 33 London Authorities in a year. Took that mission all wrong, fishing all across the country, leaving the challenge far to late in the colder weather which proved to be a challenge in itself. Thankfully cleared all 32 London Boroughs plus The City Of London in 10 months with time to spare.

Alison Redshaw lesson on setting up and tackle. Taught many students to fish over the years

Up until being qualified now been offering Free Adult Angling Coaching for a Limited Period Only. Wouldn’t be long before finally get back into teaching with so much red tape, health and safety, insurance new laws it was no longer legal to teach people as such would later go on to take Angling Trust/Sports England Coaching Courses. (Note as yet been postponed due to Coronavirus Pandemic later in year)

With Brian Lucas Winner of The 2020 River Cray Fishing In London Friendly Match

Having founded two Facebook Groups Fishing In London aka FIL including recent group British Isles Fishing aka BIF have gone on to organising more Fishing trips, Friendly matches. Been particularly focused on raising money for Charity, chosen charity being Care After Combat for 2020. Thanks to all those who have kindly contributed prizes, those who have helped raise funds by buying raffle tickets and tickets for charity match held later in the year.
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Please note although the founder and creator of above groups no longer run fulltime as Administrator's kindly help run and oversee groups in my absence do occasionally check in.

Thanks leading independent tackle shop The Tackle Box in Dartford over £300 of tackle prizes



Regard myself as an Old School Angler brought up on old methods, trapped and still learning as a new Modern day Fisherman. Love sharing all about fishing, our sport, especially wonderful angling adventures. Currently travelling The UK to Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities, and 48 English Counties. Do have other bucket lists in mind however shall concentrate on the ones in hand for now.

Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities, River Cam, English City of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Fishing Gods where looking down on birthday, delighted to scratch off another City 23/02/20

This blog is not intended to be solely about myself, the fish catch, or better put lack of fish. This adventure would be nothing without the many hundreds of people get to meet on travels, for which have made this journey truly memorable.

Emma and Friend just one of many people met along the way, love this picture smiles say it all the medicine of fishing fun

Gives me so much pleasure those who have commented, or sent private messages encouraged to take up this wonderful pastime, or who have picked their fishing tackle back up again after many years. To me that means much more than a personal catch. Here to help those who need advice, tips, tackle, and angling venues.

A blast from the past a fine Wandle Barble of 13.3lbs

WORK IN PROGRESS please standby thanks for your patience
That’s all for now hopefully one day will be able to return to teaching, so much red tape these days now needing the necessary Angling Coach Qualifications, due to new Health And Safety legislation’s. Almost forgot back in 1981 The Year Of The Disabled was presented an award for my achievements helping disabled anglers match fishing. A shame years later with so much knowledge, experience unable to give back to our sport due to not being able to afford the necessary qualifications at this time.
Not relevant please ignore this section for now course postponed due to coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown...

Chilling watching the sunrise, The River Thames, Appleford, Oxfordshire August 2018

The bucket list continues with more crazy quests currently ‘Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities’ including ‘Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties. Thanks to everyone who has liked page, followed, commented, likes and support. Without you this page wouldn't exist.
Tight Lines, may your next bite be a Big One, or anyone Big or Small... Best Fishes Shaun

Not forgetting Best Friend Ever ! Life will never be the same without you by my side Sammy Boy Love you forever x