Welcome to Guestbook. Would very much appreciate anyone who has liked enjoyed, been inspired by my ramblings and angling ventures on Facebook to sign. Thanks everyone who liked page, followed, commented on posts and above supported over the years. Do hope everyone has got a little something out of it Best Fishes Shaun. p.s - always my Baby RIP Sammy Boy miss you everyday like crazy, Best Friend and Fishing Buddy x

A friend of mine asked me to add FIL Fishing in London group which I thought was a nice oppertunity to add a group as I was told there was no bullcrap that goes on in the group so I thought hmmm ok I can add and del but I dont think the del button is an option as I love the work that Shaun has put into his amazing group with lots of informative detail and his travel blog, he has a real passion for angling and then next thing I see on the geoup he runs matches so anglers can meet and have socials all around london which takes planning and he made this all happen I can not wait to go on one of his matches, he has dedicated a lot of time to bring the fishing community together and is a really nice guy who makes time for everyone, I am so lucky and fortunate to be able to call Shaun a friend, I love the fact that hes a fantastic blogger I love reading his travels and where hes off to so inspiring hes sefless and goes out his way with his own time to share and educate others which is hard work and pure dedication , never stop what you are doing ever as your fantastic at it !
Shaun you are a local legend and fast becoming a national treasure!
Your angling exploits are simply epic and tells it how it is- no corner cutting and no cover ups. Certainly not one to take the easy route and many of those challenges have been hard as nails, keep it coming!
Also an all round rather nice chap too.....
1st come across Shaun when he just started doing he's Fishing Challenge to catch a Fish from every borough in London. I found this intriguing, after reading he's blogs and seeing he's Facebook updates, I see just how much time, effort and love he has for our Sport/Hobby. Wind, Rain, Heatwave, he is out there Angling. Its refreshing to see, he a proper through back, like myself, I still have one foot in the past enjoying modern and traditional tactic, tackle and method to boot. Shaun has a lot of experience to offer and I wish him well in he's NEW venue teaching newbies about our awesome hobby and New challenge to catch a fish from every British city, also I wish him well with the good charity work he does for our Service men and women. Hoping to meet up with you soon buddy and finally presenting you with some Handmade Floats for completing your challenge!
I've known Shaun for a while now and he's visited me at home,bought some floats a cane rod and this fellow really puts himself out to help people and I wish you all the luck in the world mate in getting to fish all those Cities,it was a wonderful achievement of yours when you fished all the London boroughs,if you've never met Shaun in the flesh then I can say when you do you'll just like him straight away,all the best mate and keep up the good work.
Thanks Shaun - my time at the keyboard now matches my time at the waterside so I enjoy reading about your exploits!
Shaun your doing more for the sport than most will give credit. Followed you from day one on Facebook enjoyed your posts and angling adventures. Call you a proper all round old school angler, not just about how big a fish you catch. That's missing these days. Your a true inspiration to myself and many others. Would never have started again if not for finding your page, sure many have started fishing because of you. Your a proper warrior to have gone out some of the places fished on travels, especially no longer having a car doing on public transport across the country. Some think your mad, wouldn't do it. Say your the most dedicated angler out there. Good Luck on your adventures latest bucket list, be safe on your travels.
Enjoy all your content including the rants over the idiots of society and keyboard warriors!
They may annoy but one of the biggest things is jealousy of the adventures you are on. Carry on enjoying the fishing and everything else you organise alongside it. Anyone that has issues just flick them away and dont waste your breath or time on them.
Keep up the great work tight lines for your next outing!🎣🎣
All the best big bro Shaun great work 👍
Only spoke to Shaun over Facebook but seems like a really nice bloke with his heart and fishing brain in the right place. Hope his lessons really take off after all his hard work he deserves it. Hope to meet up soon.
it's looking good + tight lines
Congrats on the new website mate, it looks really cool. Best of luck with your new challenge this year, and well done for smashing out Cambridge and Ely in 1 weekend a great achievement! 👌
Best of luck with the new website....just love that picture of your old fishing buddyl