Planning ahead excited like every angler to get back out again doing what love best foremost Fishing. Only when safe to do so.


Although desperate to meet have a right jolly time with Friends all the wonderful people get to meet on these angling adventures it's not possible. All forthcoming fishing pursuits will be Solo and Local in line with Social Distancing.


For the unforeseeable future travelling arrangement's will be limited in line with Government Guidelines to short local distances until such time restrictions are lifted feel safe to do so.


Therefore, sorry to say all bucket lists are currently on hold. Really look forward to travelling again, seeing different places, meeting new faces.


Please be safe out there Folks if we do get the thumbs up to fish again, we will have to except there will be strict guidelines in place to ensure we are all safe. If We get that chance please let us be sensible last thing, we want is pictures of groups, bad press, when we need to demonstrate we can fish sensible and safely as a solitary Pastime, adhering to safe social distancing rules.


That's All for Now Be Safe


Back Soon Shaun