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Back in full flow as mentioned travel restrictions lifted 1st of July with National Express Coaches. Had a lot of messages regarding where and when will be travelling around The UK. Please note Aberdeen in Scotland has been postponed for winter sea fishing.

Really looking forward to getting back on the road commencing angling adventures again. If your about be very happy to meet you everyone when in your area.

All mid week fishing Monday - Thursday before and after work will not be blogged as such private sessions unless catch fish of significant sizes worth posting.

Once again Folks looking forward to getting back out on the rivers from midnight. Have a Fishtastic New Coarse Season, may all your Fishes come true. Bye for now Shaun 👍😎🎏


Posted on 6th May, 2020


'Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities/ 48 English Counties/ All European Countries'


Planning ahead with the present deadly coronavirus pandemic excited like every angler to get back out again doing what love best foremost Fishing. Only when safe to do so.


Although desperate to meet have a right jolly time with Friends all the wonderful people get to meet on these angling adventures it's not possible. All forthcoming fishing pursuits will be Solo and Local in line with Social Distancing.


For the unforeseeable future travelling arrangement's will be limited in line with Government Guidelines to short local distances until such time restrictions are lifted feel safe to do so.


Therefore, sorry to say all bucket lists are currently on hold. Really look forward to travelling again, seeing different places, meeting new faces.


Please be safe out there Folks if we do get the thumbs up to fish again, we will have to except there will be strict guidelines in place to ensure we are all safe. If We get that chance please let us be sensible last thing, we want is pictures of groups, bad press, when we need to demonstrate we can fish sensible and safely as a solitary Pastime, adhering to safe social distancing rules.


That's All for Now Be Safe


Back Soon Shaun 

The Regents Canal, Banana Bridge aka Rainbow Bridge, London a once popular peg choice back in the day 4th of May 2019.


Whilst unable to go out fishing due to the corona virus pandemic shall be updating website daily. You can find more pictures in AWS GALLERY


Meantime stay safe, stick to the rules stay indoors. Hopefully we can all return to our normal life's, back out fishing soon.


Best Fishes Shaun.


Making Contact:

This page has just reached 2000 likes. Overwhelmed in all honesty, never imagined would reach a couple hundred when first started. A Massive Thanks to everyone who has liked this page, posts, added comments, supported the last two and a half years. Also want to give a Big Shout out to the hundreds met along the way, some who have sadly departed no longer with us RIP. Know there are many of you yet to meet who have been here from day one.


Enjoy Your Fishing. Remember as always:


"Tight Lines, may your next bite be a big one or anyone big or small"


Always great to catch a big one but don't forget called fishing not catching. Not about catching the most or the biggest, sometimes you will blank. The most important thing is your out on the bank. A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work.


Look forward to many more angling adventures...


Take good care, be safe cu on bank soon, may all your Fishes Come True Shaun 👍🙃🎣


This picture courtesy of Clearwater Photography 07743 390919

Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities, The City Of Cardiff, Wales, Undisclosed Stretch (be revealed at a later date)

Another picture of that chub, last cast of the freshwater/coarse river season... Get in there you beast still buzzing on this one

Just got back Home after three wonderful days in The City Of Cardiff, Wales. Over 50 fish in the end and what a way to finish the coarse river season 5 mins to midnight last bite and fish of the season a clonking Chub. Be back soon once caught up on some sleep. Happy Days 👍🙃🎣

A Father and Son Moment

Posted on 9th March, 2020

A Father and Son Moment River Great Ouse, Great Barford, Bedfordshire 18 Aug 18. LAA London Anglers Association Roxton, Section A


Good Morning Folks,


Thanks for so many messages over the weekend sorry The City Of Cardiff was cancelled last minute this weekend. Just returned from seeing Dad and The Family. Don't wish to say to much right now on Facebook apart from Family before Fishing.


Dad Love You more than you will ever know. He has been more a Friend in recent years although still a Father. There through thick and thin. No one has ever been so proud of my achievement's, at the same time let down by my unsuccessful moments. A Proud Dad who first introduced to fishing 46 years ago so happy of my angling achievements, at the same time unhappy didn't take early childhood match winning successes much further. He wanted more much more can still see him now sat behind me shouting and cursing for missing a bite losing matches by mere ounces. Still not sure who felt the pain of losing more me or Dad. He put everything into my love of fishing from bait to the hook used, rods, reels even my day tickets, club memberships, including the fuel money to get to matches. He supported so much that I owe him every compliment for how he sponsored all the way.


And so it was after winning 16 trophies one season to virtually giving up serious match fishing the following season, didn't just let myself down let him down big time ! Something regretted my life ever since. However as ever A Great Father he was there for me and proud when passed out of basic training at Pirbright Guards Depot in The Army. Proud of my Marathon running achievements, passing paramedic qualifications, becoming a London Bus Driver and especially proud of my harmonica playing although sadly never got to see play live on stage only on YouTube. Not forgetting my horticultural career, and education. He has really been my Number One Mainstay in Life that's kept me on the straight and narrow. Most of my life achievements have come through shear determination. Proud to say Dad is My Number One Inspiration. For the record Dad was also the man behind my recent Mission to Catch A Fish From All 33 London Authorities in a year. Although had loads of followers and support at the time it was Dad who kept my feet on the floor and ensured I remained level headed. Owe so much of my life to Dad. Pray for His health as I did today first time visited church in years. Know we will never get to fish together again after thousands of hours spent on the bank. However pray he returns home soon. Love you Dad and always will promise to remain strong and dedicate my future angling quests to you. May not have reached the ranks of a top professional match angler, know in hindsight should have continued down that path. However thankful for absolutely everything you taught me especially the best pastime could ever have asked for Angling as such now dedicate this blog and my future fishing achievement's to You. Love Your Son and Friend Shaun xxx

Welcome to Angling With Shaun

Posted on 29th February, 2020

Welcome to My New Website

Hi something been meaning to do for a long time now especially as take on more along with Social Events, Friendly Fishing Matches, Charity Events, Fundraising and especially future Angling Coaching.


Also felt a little upset when a recent post of a pike pinned to the top of my Facebook got removed. It was then decided enough was enough !




28/02/20: Hi Folks Facebook are messing about again have removed my pike post which was pinned to top of page. Remember the days when Facebook was a great platform now it only seems to benefit paid pages or adverts. Us little Guys don't stand a chance. Most recently some may remember they took my pages out of search one had to scroll down page to a post to click on page, now they have this habit of removing posts and interfering with peoples pages. In all honesty used to love Facebook, more and more people are leaving in droves, many speak to don't even use this social media site. Sadly come to the conclusion need to set up own website or focus on blogger far more as this site becomes ever more frustrating on a daily basis, when one can't even control what they post or what posts remain on their wall. Not saying leaving but not saying happy with this platform either. Sadly Facebook seems to think us little people who share content can be controlled and manipulated. Unfortunately for them, it's us little people who make up the bigger more read worthy material, yet Facebook fails to recognize this. So for now until Facebook sorts it's act out, it's time to say goodbye temporarily. In the meantime you can find on blogger. Hopefully they will stop messing my page about and also allow more people to see page not just a paid audience which seems to be the way Facebook is going... Goodnight and Goodbye for now Shaun


Although now have lot's more updating to do will still continue to add important trips out to Blogger: